WHILL Li-Ion Battery (Model C2/F)

Manufacturer: WHILL Wheelchairs
$599.99 USD



Product Description

Travel twice as far with a spare battery for the WHILL Model C2. This detachable lithium-ion battery has an 11.2-mile range and takes only 5 hours to fully charge. Take the spare battery with you on longer trips outside the house, eliminating the need to stop and charge the Model C2 while you're already out and about.

The Model C2 battery weighs only 6 lbs and can be easily removed from the unit and charged in a standard household outlet.

If you're thinking about purchasing a spare battery, consider also picking up an extra battery charger so you can charge both batteries at the same time.

*This battery is compatible with the Model C2 and F only. It is not compatible with the Model Ci.

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