WHILL Model C2 Arm Covers

Manufacturer: WHILL Wheelchairs
$98.99 USD



Product Description

Choose from one of five new arm color options for your WHILL Model C2. Mix and match the covers to suit every mood, event, or occasion. Pick out a few different color options to keep your Model C2 always looking fresh and stylish.

Customize the look of your device and show off your personality with the Model C2's Arm Covers!

*Note: each purchase includes two arm covers (left side and right side)

Customer Questions & Answers

Mary Stack on 7/15/2023 7:10:02 AM
Question :
Hi. Are the C1 and C2 arm covers the same?Mary.
Answer :
No, they are not the same. The Ci arm covers are for the original Model Ci, and the C2 arm covers are for the Model C2.

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