Top Wheelchair Accessible Attractions in Phoenix, Arizona

Averaging roughly 300 sunny days a year, Phoenix is the perfect vacation destination for people looking for a getaway during the cold winter months. With fantastic shopping, restaurant, and entertainment options, all set against the backdrop of a dramatic desert landscape, it’s no surprise that nearly 20 million travelers visit the city each year.

If you’re planning a trip to Phoenix and require a little extra mobility support, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we spotlight the best wheelchair accessible things to do in Phoenix, from visiting gardens and museums to exploring Arizona’s stunning natural beauty. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list!


  1. Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Phoenix
    1. Desert Botanical Garden
    2. Musical Instrument Museum
    3. Saguaro Lake / Desert Belle Cruises
    4. Phoenix Zoo
  2. Benefits of Renting a Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair
  3. Rent a Scooter or Wheelchair in Phoenix
  4. Summary

Wheelchair Accessible Attractions in Phoenix

1. Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix - Wheelchair Accessible

The 140-acre Desert Botanical Garden is home to 50,000 plant displays, including dozens of unique cactus and agave species. Beautiful sculptures are scattered throughout the gardens, making this a must-see attraction for nature lovers and art lovers alike. Wheelchair users can access every part of the garden using paved and unpaved paths that are easily accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Restrooms and refreshment stations are also wheelchair accessible.

2. Musical Instrument Museum

Musical Instrument Museum Phoenix - Wheelchair Accessible

Did you know Phoenix is home to the world’s only global Musical Instrument Museum? The museum has more than 8,000 instruments from all around the world on display, including rare pieces from regions such as Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Latin America, and Europe. The museum is wheelchair accessible throughout, and accessible seating is available in the Music Theater. Complimentary scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers are also available at guest services on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3. Saguaro Lake / Desert Bell Cruises

Saguaro Lake Phoenix - Wheelchair Accessible

Located less than 40 miles from Phoenix, Desert Belle have been taking visitors on scenic cruises of the gorgeous Saguaro Lake for nearly 60 years. The cruise lasts for around 90 minutes and takes passengers past immense canyon walls and breathtaking desert vistas. The ship has wheelchair accessible restrooms onboard, as well as ramps from the marina that people in wheelchairs and scooters can use to board the cruise safely and securely.

4. Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo - Wheelchair Accessible

The Phoenix Zoo is the largest non-profit zoo in the United States that is privately owned. The 125-acre zoo is home to over 1,400 animals and is divided into several different areas, including the Arizona Trail, Africa Trail, Tropics Trail, and Children's Trail. The majority of these themed areas have fully paved accessible trails and are built on predominantly flat terrain, allowing for easy traversal by wheelchair and scooter users. However, please be aware that certain sections of the zoo trail have slightly steeper inclines and declines.

Benefits of Renting a Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair

If you are elderly, disabled, or recovering from injury, a wheelchair or scooter rental can be essential to making the most of your vacation. Phoenix scooter or wheelchair rentals help you stay mobile so you can explore everything this amazing city has to offer. They can be especially beneficial for older family members who would otherwise have a difficult time keeping up with the rest of the family. Mobility rentals are also an excellent choice for people who use a wheelchair, powerchair, or scooter on a daily basis, but don’t want to bring it with them on a flight for fear it might be damaged.

Most important of all, however, renting a mobility scooter or wheelchair gives you the ability to enjoy your vacation to the fullest without worrying about missing out on all the fun – and that’s what’s most important!

Rent a Scooter or Wheelchair in Phoenix

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There are so many wheelchair accessible things to do in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Whatever you enjoy doing on vacation, you'll have no issue planning a great itinerary that includes all of your favorites. Remember, while the attractions above are all accessible, it’s still a good idea to contact them ahead of time to make sure they can accommodate your needs.

Renting a wheelchair or mobility scooter from Scootaround will make it easier for you to see everything you want to in the Phoenix area and beyond. Book online or call 1-888-441-7575 if you require mobility equipment during your time in Phoenix.

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