The WHILL Model Ci – Not Your Typical Mobility Scooter!

From powered wheelchairs to mobility scooters, there are an assortment of mobility aids to choose from. With so many options available, it can often be difficult to determine the right device for you, and you may find yourself wishing you could ask a real user their opinion. 

We’ve done just that!  

We reached out to some people who’ve chosen the WHILL Model Ci as their mobility partner. These WHILL Squad members could hardly contain their excitement about the freedom and independence they are enjoying with their personal EV (Electric Vehicle). 

mobility scooter model ci

Top 3 Reasons Users Love Their WHILL Model Ci Mobility Scooter 

  1. Aesthetics – The WHILL Model Ci is designed to ensure that you never have to compromise on your personal style. The WHILL Squad interviewees unanimously agreed that the sophisticated look of these electronic chairs have boosted their confidence. They find themselves living more active lifestyles. If there’s one thing they all can’t get enough of, it’s definitely the compliments they receive on their mobility device! 

  2. Advanced technology – The WHILL Model Ci app can be downloaded on any phone in an instant, and it allows you to track the battery health, access device information, remotely control your mobility device (iOS users only), choose the drive mode, and more. Sylvia Longmiresolo world traveler and author, said, “the app connectivity that lets me move it remotely and monitor the usage is one of my favorite benefits of the Model Ci.” 

  3. Compact design – The WHILL Model Ci disassembles to fit in the trunk of a sedan, making it easy to transport this mobility scooter. It’s easy to put together and disassemble, and with its 45% smaller turning radius, it gives you the ability to navigate close quarters more smoothly than with a typical tiller-operated device. WHILL Squad members agree that maneuvering through tighter spaces with a significantly smaller footprint than traditional power mobility devices is a major benefit.    

We’d like to thank WHILL Inc. for connecting us with their customers so we could collect authentic feedback and real stories. Shout out to Ashley Bryan, Cari Dolce, Gonca Kilicaslan, Krystina Jackson, Deborah Davis, Melanie Lefevre and Sylvia Longmire for sharing their experience with the WHILL Model Ci. 

The WHILL Model Ci is a staple of Scootaround’s worldwide mobility equipment fleet and has been reliably tested by thousands of customers every year, making it one of our Rental Certified mobility devices! Visit our promotions page to see what special offers are available on this device. 

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