The 7 Best Electric Wheelchairs for 2024

The best electric wheelchairs are highly versatile and can provide added independence for people with restricted motion, allowing them to live more active and fulfilling lives. Electric wheelchairs are powered by rechargeable batteries, making them an excellent choice for people with limited upper body strength who have difficulty using manual mobility devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, and rollators. Sometimes referred to as motorized wheelchairs or power chairs, these devices offer several advantages over mobility scooters, including a tighter turning radius, smaller wheelbase, and better head and neck support.

While electric wheelchairs provide a huge number of benefits for the user, the purchase process can often be complex and intimidating. Today, we’ll take a look at the best electric wheelchairs for 2024, while also reviewing the key factors you’ll want to consider before taking the leap and making a purchase. There are literally hundreds of power wheelchairs available on the market – we’re here to help you find the model that is perfect for you!


  1. Features to Consider When Purchasing a Power Wheelchair
  2. What Are the Best Electric Wheelchairs for 2024?
    1. WHILL Model C2
    2. Pride Go Chair
    3. Golden Literider Envy
    4. Pride Jazzy Passport
    5. Golden Compass Sport
    6. Pride Jazzy Air 2
    7. Pride Jazzy 1450
  3. Summary and Recommendations

Best Electric Wheelchairs

Features to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Wheelchair

Before purchasing a new or used powered wheelchair, you’ll want to ask yourself a few important questions. Is a power chair my best option, or would a manual wheelchair or mobility scooter suit me better? How much does the device weigh? How wide is it? Can it handle rough terrain? Does the electric wheelchair fold or disassemble? What’s the price?

Below we’ll review the six main factors you’ll want to consider when searching for the best power wheelchair for you.


Depending on the make and manufacturer, the cost of an electric wheelchair can range anywhere from $1500 to $6000 or more. As you would expect, the best electric wheelchairs are typically jam-packed with added features and capabilities, which often makes them a little pricier than basic models. That being said, there are a number of great standard power chairs on the market that may be ideal for users who don’t need all the bells and whistles.


The weight of an electric wheelchair can vary greatly depending on its design. In general, power chairs that are designed to be sleeker and more portable will weigh less, while heavy duty models will weigh significantly more. If you’re someone who loves to travel and will be transporting the chair on planes, trains, and buses, you may want to consider buying a power wheelchair that is more lightweight. However, if you plan to purchase a ramp and transport the chair in the back of a truck or van, then it may not matter how much it weighs.


Narrow or foldable powered wheelchairs will be easier to maneuver through cramped spaces like elevators, bathrooms, hallways, and office cubicles. Generally speaking, power chairs are between 22” and 24” wide, which means they can fit through most standard doorways. Bariatric or heavy-duty models, on the other hand, can often be up to 30” wide. If you live in an older home or apartment that has a lot of tight corners and small spaces, be sure to take some measurements before buying an electric wheelchair. It's also important to make sure the seat is wide enough for the user to ensure maximum comfort.


When it comes to portability, the best power wheelchair brands are all over the map. Some electric wheelchairs are specifically designed to be extremely compact and portable. These chairs are usually light weight and either fold or disassemble for easy transportation. Other motorized wheelchairs are designed to be sturdy, strong, and comfortable. These chairs are larger in size and typically require a van with a ramp to be transported.


Unlike a mobility scooter, which is driven with a delta tiller steering wheel, the vast majority of electric wheelchairs are controlled using a joystick that is located on the armrest. This often makes them the preferred mobility aid for users with upper-body ailments or disabilities. In addition to a joystick, there are an increasing number of alternate control methods that have recently become available, including switches, touchpads, mouse controllers, light-touch joysticks, and sip and puff controllers. Check out which options are available on the model you’re looking at.

Airline Approved

Many of the best electric folding wheelchairs are powered using lithium-ion batteries. In the past, these types of batteries have occasionally caused issues for people traveling by plane. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), passengers can bring either one lithium-ion battery (not exceeding 300 watt hours) or two lithium-ion batteries (not exceeding 160 watt hours) in their carry-on luggage. Most high-quality power wheelchairs are designed with these restrictions in mind and either fall within these limits or have airline-approved options available.

What Are the Best Electric Wheelchairs for 2024?

Below is a list of what we believe are 7 of the best power wheelchairs on the market in 2024. Each of these models has its own unique pro and cons, so you’re sure to find one that meets or exceeds your requirements. These electric wheelchairs all perform exceptionally well, so be sure to review other features – such as portability, turning radius, weight capacity, and cost – to determine which motorized wheelchair is perfect for you! Featured brands include WHILL Inc., Pride Mobility, and Golden Technologies.

The Best Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

WHILL Model C2

WHILL Model C2 Power Chair

When it comes to the best electric wheelchairs currently on the market, it’s hard to beat the Model C2 from the award-winning team at WHILL. This innovative power chair has everything you could want in a portable mobility device, including a small 30” turning radius that allows users to effortlessly navigate narrow indoor spaces. But this electronic wheelchair isn’t just for indoor use – the Model C2’s patented front omni-wheels provide a smooth ride on difficult outdoor terrain and can climb over obstacles up to 2” in height.

The C2 is extremely portable and disassembles in four quick steps for transportation in the trunk of a car or taxi. It’s also loaded with high-tech additional features and can even be driven remotely using a smartphone app, allowing you to summon the device to you from across the room while you stay sitting down.

Turning Radius29.9"
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Top Speed5 mph
Drive Range11 miles
Disassembles / FoldsYes

Pride Go Chair

Pride Go Chair

The Pride Mobility Go Chair is one of the best electric portable wheelchairs on the market right now. This lightweight chair increases your independence and allows you to travel more freely thanks to its simple, feather-touch disassembly. The Go Chair's small turning radius makes it easy to manage in tight spaces, and its enhanced maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs gives it the sturdiness of a much larger motorized wheelchair.

The Pride Go Chair is available in six different color combinations and has an attractive, practical design.

Turning Radius25.4" (with foot platform)
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Top Speed3.7 mph
Drive Range8.7 miles
Disassembles / FoldsYes

Golden Literider Envy

Golden Literider Envy

The LiteRider Envy from Golden Technologies is an incredibly compact and portable power wheelchair. This lightweight and nimble chair was specifically created to meet the demands of both the end user and their caregivers, and we feel Golden succeeded in accomplishing this. Like the two travel power wheelchairs mentioned above, the LiteRider Envy disassembles quickly for storage or transport in a car trunk. The heaviest element, once dismantled, weighs only 35 pounds, and can be easily lifted into the back of a vehicle.

The LiteRider also comes with 22-amp batteries that give it an extended battery life and a drive range of 15.5 miles per single charge, allowing you to ride for the entire day without needing to plug it in.

Turning Radius28.5"
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Top Speed3.5 mph
Drive Range15.5 miles
Disassembles / FoldsYes

The Best Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Pride Jazzy Passport

Pride Jazzy Passport Electric Wheelchair

The Pride Mobility Jazzy Passport is one of the best folding electric wheelchairs we’ve seen. Its ability to fold-up in just a few simple steps makes transporting your mobility device easier than ever before. This foldable power chair can also be easily stored in tight spaces – such as in a closet or under a bed – which frees up valuable floor space in your home, hotel room, or cruise ship cabin. Additionally, a huge back seat pocket makes it easy to stow your items while you’re out shopping or traveling the globe.

Turning Radius24.3"
Weight Capacity250 lbs
Top Speed3.6 mph
Drive Range11 miles
Disassembles / FoldsYes

The Best Standard Electric Wheelchairs

Golden Compass Sport

Golden Compass Sport Power Wheelchair

The Compass Sport from Golden Technologies is one of the best motorized wheelchairs on the market today, thanks in part to its fantastic stability and responsiveness. This chair comes standard with a Dynamic Linx controller, which uses load compensation technology to offer an improved driving experience for the rider. This technology allows the power chair's electronics to adjust the motor speed, making the device easier and more natural to control. The Compass Sport will even make modifications in response to changing driving conditions, such inclines, uneven terrain, surroundings, speed, and user weight.

Turning Radius19.5"
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Top Speed4 mph
Drive Range24 miles
Disassembles / FoldsNo

Pride Jazzy Air 2

Pride Jazzy Air 2 Power Chair

While we’ve categorized it as a standard electric wheelchair model, there’s really nothing “standard” about the Jazzy Air 2 from Pride Mobility. With its unique ability to raise 12 inches with the flip of a switch, this device allows passengers to interact with friends and family at eye level and is unlike any other power wheelchair on this list. However, the Pride Jazzy Air isn’t a one trick pony – it also has a top 4 mph while raised and a drive range of up to 19.2 miles on a single charge, meaning you can drive all day without running out of juice.

Turning Radius20.5"
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Top Speed4 mph
Drive Range19.2 miles
Disassembles / FoldsNo

The Best Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs

Pride Jazzy 1450

Pride Jazzy 1450 Powered Wheelchair

One of the best heavy duty power wheelchairs on the market, the Pride Jazzy 1450 is constructed from strong, reinforced materials and can support a maximum weight capacity up to 600 pounds. This bariatric electric wheelchair features front-wheel drive for improved indoor maneuverability and wide front wheels for added traction when navigating uneven surfaces. The Pride Mobility Jazzy 1450 also comes with a wealth of great features, including powerful motors, a customizable seat, 4.5 mph top speed, and multiple arm and leg rest options.

Turning Radius26.5"
Weight Capacity600 lbs
Top Speed4.5 mph
Drive Range15.7 miles
Disassembles / FoldsNo

Summary and Recommendations

There is no single “best electric wheelchair in the world,” as the best device for one person may not be suitable at all for someone else. However, with its portability, versatility, and innovative features, the WHILL Model C2 is our top overall pick if you are looking for an excellent all-around power chair. On the other hand, for people who require a more robust heavy-duty model, the Pride Jazzy 1450 may be exactly what you need. Do you want something that folds instead of disassembles? Then the Jazzy Passport from Pride Mobility may be perfect for you. Or, if you just need a reliable and reasonably priced electric wheelchair, then the Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy or Pride Go Chair is the way to go.

You can find all the electric wheelchairs listed above as well as a wide range of other mobility products online in the Scootaround Store! If wheelchairs aren't your thing but you're still interested in purchasing a powered mobility device, check out our large catalog of 3 wheel electric scooters.

If you want to learn more about the best electric wheelchairs for 2024, call us at 1-844-664-7467 or email [email protected]. We look forward to assisting you!

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