SitnStand Rising Seat for Wheelchairs

Manufacturer: SitnStand
$599.00 USD

Product Description

Key Specs

  • Seat allows you to sit down and stand up more easily
  • Wheelchair transfers can be done safely and with less strain on the body
  • Ideal for any type of wheelchair
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds

About the SitnStand Portable Rising Seat for Wheelchairs

The SitnStand Portable Lift Seat is an assistive device that makes it easier for people who have mobility limitations to sit down and stand up from any type of wheelchair. This includes elderly people, as well as those who may have a chronic illness, temporary injury, or suffer from leg and back pain.

This wheelchair lift seat is easy to use – it inflates when you press up on the arrow button and deflates when you press down on the button, allowing you to transfer in or out of your wheelchair independently. This saves time, energy, and physical exertion for both you and your loved ones. The SitnStand Rising Wheelchair Seat is designed for all-day use and is constructed from comfortable memory foam that molds to your body. Take your wheelchair out to the park, restaurants, or the mall without fearing that you will get sore or uncomfortable!

The SitnStand is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to a week and comes with an easy-to-use charger. The lift seat typically takes four to six hours to fully charge.

SitnStand Key Features

  • Comfort: The padded seat cushion is constructed from viscoelastic memory foam. The inflatable cushion is supportive and distributes pressure across the pelvis, allowing you to sit on it for long periods of time without getting sore.
  • Independence: SitnStand is built to help anyone with mobility limitations transfer into or out of their wheelchair more easily. This empowers the user to not rely on a caregiver or loved one when they need to get up from the chair.
  • Weight Capacity: This rising wheelchair seat can support a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.
  • Cleaning: An easy-to-remove, machine washable cover is available as an optional add-on.
  • Accessories: Comes standard with a rechargeable battery and battery charger. The SitnStand carrying bag can be purchased as an optional accessory.

The Bottom Line

The SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat for Wheelchairs is ideal for people with limited mobility who have trouble transitioning into or out of their wheelchair. This product is a must for anyone who frequently relies on a caregiver or loved one to help them with wheelchair transfers. The lift seat couldn’t be easier to use and can be operated with just two buttons. Even better, the seat itself is incredibly comfortable and is constructed from body-molding memory foam.

The SitnStand Lift Seat for Wheelchairs can help increase your independence while ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the day. Regain your freedom around the house and get back to doing the things you love. Shop online or call talkdesk1-844-664-7467 to learn about this must-have assistive device!


  • 2 Year: Product
  • 1 Year: Battery and Fabric


Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Battery Type:Rechargeable Lithim-ion Battery (Lasts for 4-7 days)
Seat - Width:19" to 23"
Seat Depth:17" to 21"
Weight Capacity:400 lbs

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