Scootaround Reviews: Here's What Real Customers Have To Say!

mobility rental scootaround reviews

Scootaround has been around for over 25 years as a leading mobility solutions provider of the nation. Through their extensive network of partners and a highly skilled team of service professionals, Scootaround makes mobility happen in over 2,500 locations across North America and Europe. With the mission to make this world more accessible for all, Scootaround makes thousands of travel stories happen every year. Along with mobility rentals, customers can also purchase a new mobility device through their e-commerce platform. Scootaround is also a preferred partner for repairs when mobility devices suffer damage during air travel. Customers swear by the exceptionally high service standards and in this blog, we’ll share some experiences shared by Scootaround customers.

Cruise Rental reviews: 

Gloria, a customer who lives in Los Angeles, CA enjoys renting with Scootaround for all cruise travel. She enjoys the ease of service. In her words, “Just to be able to go into port and have it (the equipment) ready for use was awesome. Pick up and drop off was so easy. Loved the freedom to explore ports.”

Another customer, Crystal enjoys frequent travel and prefers renting with Scootaround. Whether it is a last-minute booking or rental extension, Crystal mentioned the customer service representatives are always helpful, courteous and find the best solutions possible. In her words, “I highly recommend this company – they deserve more than 5-stars for making rentals cost-effective and stress-free.” Like many other customers who have experienced the advanced technology behind the revolutionary WHILL Model Ci, Crystal swears by its compact size, and powerful design that can help maneuver around tight spaces. “For cruise ship travel or theme park tourism, I highly recommend looking into the WHILL Model Ci. It has a very long battery life, too.” says Crystal.

Land Rental Reviews: 

Scootaround understands that mobility needs are not limited to cruise, air travel or events only. This is where the land rental options come in and this is what Zaborian has to say – “I rented a scooter for myself and a motorized wheelchair for my niece Bria, who has cerebral palsy. They (equipment) were so easy to transport and helped us get around with ease. Best decision I ever made!”

Zaborian and Bria truly enjoyed and made the most of their family vacation. It’s thrilling to see how Scootaround rentals empower family members to not just feel more independent but to enjoy special moments and have fun.

Equipment Sales Reviews: 

Along with rental service for mobility devices, Scootaround also provides exceptional sales support for individuals with mobility needs. The highly skilled Sales Experts take the time to understand your needs and your lifestyle before sharing the options that will make the best fit. Customers often leave positive notes and recommendations, sharing how their experience through the phone interaction has inspired them to stay with the company for good. Here’s a snippet of a message left by a happy customer with some words of encouragement:

“My name is Jill W. I have rented your mobility scooters in the past and have been very pleased with the product and the service. I am currently looking into purchasing a mobility scooter and your company was first on my list to call. I am big on "customer service" and these days it's pretty hard to get any customer service where the employees care about the customers needs. However, after I sent an email to your company inquiring about the purchase of a scooter, I had the privilege of speaking with Michael Yaremus in the sales department. Wow! What a great asset you have there! He was very professional, clearly knowledgeable about the products and my personal favorite...patient! I had so many questions and he patiently answered every one of them. When he was talking to me, he had a "smile" in his voice. Very enthusiastic and pleasant. I am passing this information along to you, because I am sure you already know how fabulous he is, but feedback is always important for the growth of a company whether it be negative or positive. This was one of the most positive customer services encounter I can remember in a very, very long time. Thank you for having Michael in a place where he most definitely makes a difference!”

If you need to reach our sales team to discuss your next purchase, please call us at 1-844-664-7467 or email [email protected]. Our team will be happy to assist you.

scootaround mobility sale reviews

Airlines Repair Reviews: 

Scootaround is contracted with several major airlines to repair and service passenger mobility equipment that has been damaged while in transit. To make sure that their travel plans do not get affected, the Scootaround team works with precision while aiming at getting the equipment ready as fast as possible. Customers appreciate the service very much.

Here’s what Ellen had to say about her device repair experience when her scooter was damaged on a flight to Florida – “What an experience. They were professional and convenient (they came and picked up my scooter) and timely. Geary was the tech I worked with and I would highly recommend him and Scootaround. The repairs were expedited, and I was very pleased.”

A similar story was shared by Melinda whose grandmother came to visit her in North Carolina. Unfortunately, Melinda’s grandmother had a fall before arriving and she was in pain. This is where Scootaround received the call from Melinda and here’s what she had to say – “The people I spoke with on the phone were very pleasant and made the rental booking process very easy. They delivered the wheelchair to the hotel where my mom and grandma were staying. I even called to extend the reservation and had no issues doing so. The price was very reasonable, and the wheelchair was in good condition. The rental helped make sure my grandma could have a good time without trying to walk around while she was in pain.”

Service during the COVID-19 crisis 

The pandemic has been very hard on everyone, especially the ones with limited mobility. To support their customers, Scootaround rolled out a cancellation policy to speed up returns in the form of credits even if there was no cancellation insurance purchased at the time of booking. The team worked harder than ever to ensure high service standards.

Here’s the story of a customer who had to cancel their rental due to the pandemic: Amy, a regular customer of Scootaround had reserved mobility equipment for her mother right before the pandemic hit. She had not purchased the Cancellation Policy at the time of booking. With the updates to the policy, Amy received a full refund in the form of credits. During the conversation through a Scootaround social media account, Amy said, “I appreciate you doing the right thing here. She has credit for a future cruise and it’s just a matter of time before she books it and will need the scooter.”

“Even during the pandemic, we remain committed to the high service standards that our customers have come to identify us with.” – Kerry Renaud (CEO Scootaround)

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