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Rollz rollators for sale online. Check out our selection below!

Rollz, also known as Rollz International, is a mobility product manufacturer based in the Netherlands. They are known for creating high-quality rollators and walkers that can be easily converted into transport wheelchairs, providing the user with greater versatility than a traditional walking aid.

The Rollz Motion line of products was originally launched in 2010 and has been slowly expanded over the last decade. These products are renowned for their sleek and stylish designs, having been awarded the Red Dot and iF Design Award in 2012, along with being named the Most Innovative Mobility Product Design Company by Global Health & Pharma Magazine in 2020.

Rollz 2-in-1 Rollators and Wheelchairs are a fantastic option for people who still have some mobility but occasionally need to sit when walking longer distances. If you want to determine which model is best for you, contact our Sales Specialists at 1-844-664-7467 or email [email protected].

Rollz Rollator Comparison

Rollz Motion 2Rollz Motion Performance
Converts to WheelchairYesYes
Weight Capacity275 lbs275 lbs
Product Weight25.55 lbs25.1 lbs
Colors Available41

Check Out a Rollz Rollator and Transport Chair in Action!

Scootaround currently sells two different Rollz International products: the Rollz Motion 2 and the Rollz Motion Performance. While both models are able to transform from a rollator to a wheelchair, the Motion Performance is specifically designed for all-terrain use. Below are descriptions of both rollator walker models.

Rollz Motion 2

The ability of the Rollz Motion 2 Rollator Walker to swiftly and simply transform into a transport chair sets it apart from other walking aids on the market. This guarantees that while you're out and about, you always have both mobility options with you. When you're up for it, use the rollator mode to walk around by yourself. When you start to feel fatigued, take a seat in the cozy chair and ask a friend or family member to push you.

Rollz Motion Performance

The second rollator walker, the Rollz Motion Performance, is built to be used on uneven surfaces like cobblestones, fields, gravel, and woodland paths. Users of a standard mobility device would likely find it challenging to explore these areas, but this all-terrain walker makes it easy. Like the Rollz Motion 2, this rollator can be quickly transformed into a wheelchair mode when necessary.

  • How much does a Rollz Rollator cost?

    Due to their high-quality construction and ability to convert to a wheelchair, Rollz products cost slightly more than most traditional rollators and walkers. Keep in mind, however, that you are essentially getting two mobility devices in one. The Rollz Motion 2 retails for $1,299.00, while the Rollz Motion Performance costs $1,599.00. 

  • Where to purchase a Rollz Motion?

    This rollator and wheelchair combo can be purchased online at or over the phone by calling 1-844-664-7467.

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Picture of Rollz Motion 2 Rollator Walker-Wheelchair


Rollz Motion 2 Rollator Walker-Wheelchair

Rollz Motion 2 Rollator Walker and Transport Wheelchair in one


Rollz Motion Cup Holder

Rollz Motion cup holder for use with the Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Rhythm and Rollz Motion Performance Rollator and Transport Chair


Rollz Motion Performance All Terrain Rollator Walker - Wheelchair

Rollz Motion Performance all-terrain rollator walker and transport wheelchair combo with air tires


Rollz Motion Travel Cover

Rollz Motion protective travel cover for the the Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion 2, Rollz Motion Performance and Rollz Motion Rhythm.


Rollz Motion Rollator Walker Back Support

Rollz Motion back support for rollator walker position. Compatible with Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Performance and Rollz Motion Rhythm.