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Picture of Pride Jazzy Air 2

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Pride Jazzy Air 2

Pride Jazzy Air 2



Picture of Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair


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Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair

Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair with carbon fiber technology



Picture of Pride Jazzy EVO 613

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Pride Jazzy EVO 613

Pride Jazzy EVO 613



About Pride Jazzy Electric Wheelchairs

The Pride Mobility Jazzy Electric Wheelchair series comprises a wide range of power chairs that are designed to meet the needs of any user. From portable power wheelchairs that can be easily disassembled, to heavy-duty models with front-wheel drive, to elevating chairs that let you interact with others at eye level, Jazzy Wheelchairs have something for everyone.

Pride Jazzy Power Chairs continue to be some of the best-selling electric wheelchairs in the industry. This is thanks to Pride’s constant innovation and dedication to providing new models that meet the evolving needs of today’s mobility device users. With each new wheelchair model, the team at Pride is delivering enhanced performance and better ease of operation.

Scootaround sells several different Pride Jazzy Wheelchairs, including the popular Jazzy Air 2 and Jazzy Passport. Give our team a call toll-free at 1-844-664-7467 or email [email protected]. Our sales specialists are ready to help you find the perfect Jazzy Wheelchair for your needs!

Jazzy Electric Wheelchairs Comparison

Air 2PassportSelect 61450
Turning Radius20.5"24.25"21.87"26.5"
Top Speed4 mph3.6 mph4 mph4.5 mph
Driving Range (Per Charge)19 miles11 miles15 miles15.7 miles
Weight Capacity300 lbs250 lbs300 lbs600 lbs
Ground Clearance1" at motor bracket3" at motor1.75"1.5"

See How a Jazzy Electric Wheelchair Can Enhance Your Life

Pride Jazzy Air 2

The Pride Mobility Jazzy Air 2 can elevate up to 12 inches with the flick of a switch, allowing you to interact with friends, colleagues, and loved ones at eye level. This innovative power wheelchair has a top speed of 4 mph when elevated, ensuring that you can always keep up with others while you’re at work or out on the town. This Jazzy Power Chair also features Active-Trac Suspension for improved performance and added stability outdoors.

Pride Jazzy Passport

The Pride Jazzy Passport is a lightweight and highly transportable power wheelchair. This powerchair is exceptionally compact and easily folds in a few basic steps, making it a great option for users who frequently travel by plane, train, or bus. The Jazzy Passport has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, a top speed of 3.6 mph, and features plenty of storage space for your personal belongings.

Pride Jazzy Select 6

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 has a sporty design that provides an excellent driving experience over a wide range of scenarios. This versatile electric wheelchair features Active-Trac Suspension for superior indoor and outdoor performance, while its six-wheel base offers additional stability on bumpy terrain. The Pride Jazzy Select 6 has a smaller turning radius than most other power wheelchairs and can support a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The Jazzy Select 6 also comes in an upgraded 2.0 model that features a higher top speed and driving range.

Pride Jazzy 1450

The Pride Jazzy 1450 has a heavy-duty design that can support a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs. This bariatric electric wheelchair features powerful front-wheel drive for better maneuverability indoors and has large wheels for superior traction on outdoor terrain. This Jazzy Power Chair also sports front anti-tips, which make it safer and easier to drive over bumps and other grade changes. With a max speed of 4.5 mph and a drive range of 15.7 miles, the Pride Jazzy 1450 can get you wherever you need to go.

There are several popular accessories that can help make your Jazzy Electric Wheelchair more comfortable, safe, and convenient, including Jazzy Air 2 accessories and Jazzy Passport wheelchair accessories.

  • How much does a Pride Jazzy Wheelchair cost?

    The average price of a powerchair in the Pride Jazzy series is approximately $3500, but costs can range anywhere from $1999 to $4499 depending on the specific model.

  • How much does a Jazzy Electric Wheelchair weigh?

    Pride Jazzy Power Chairs can weigh as little as 60 lbs and as much as 230 lbs or more depending on the specific model. The weight of a standard model, such as the Pride Jazzy Select, is usually around 190 lbs. 

  • How to charge a Jazzy Wheelchair?

    While all Pride Jazzy Electric Wheelchairs have slightly different charging methods, the general process is more or less the same. Start by positioning your Jazzy powerchair close to an electrical outlet. Make sure your device is turned off. Next, plug your charger cord into the charger port – the port is usually located near the controller. Finally, plug the other end of the battery power cord into the electrical outlet. Your Jazzy Wheelchair from Pride Mobility should now be charging. Check your product’s user manual for specific details.

  • How long does a Jazzy Wheelchair battery last?

    Generally speaking, fully charged Pride electric wheelchair batteries will last throughout the day, or for approximately eight hours of use. The total lifespan of a Jazzy Wheelchair battery is typically from one to two years if you are driving it on a daily basis. If you are using the powerchair less frequently and maintaining the battery properly, it may last up to three years or more.

  • How fast does a Jazzy Wheelchair go?

    Pride Jazzy Wheelchairs have a top speed between 3.6 and 5.1 mph depending on the model.

  • Does Medicare cover Jazzy Wheelchairs?

    Yes, provided you meet the necessary criteria, it is possible for Medicare to partially cover a Pride Jazzy Wheelchair.