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Type:*FDA Class ll Medical Device
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Product Description

The Pride Go-Go Sport 3 Wheel has a range of 12.75 miles, a 4.7 mph top speed, and a 325-pound weight capacity.

About the Pride Go Go Sport 3 Wheel

If you want the best of both worlds, look no farther than the Go-Go Sport. This Pride mobility scooter combines the easy disassembly of a travel scooter with the greater length and more spacious feeling of a full-size scooter. Powerful 18 AH batteries, 12.75-mile maximum range, and an impressive 325-pound weight capacity are just a few of this mobility scooter’s outstanding qualities. The Pride Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel can be transported in 5 individual pieces thanks to its feather-touch disassembly. When disassembled, the largest piece weighs only 35 pounds and fits in the trunk of most vehicle.

What Makes It Different?

The Go Go Sport is the longest travel scooter in Pride Mobility's current lineup. However, even with its overall length of 42”, the Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel remains both robust and agile. It also has a small turning radius of only 36", making it perfect for both inside and outdoor use. For convenience and simple access, the Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel has an additional charging outlet on the tiller. This scooter comes standard with large 18AH batteries, giving you a range of up to 12.75 miles on a single charge. The tires are three inches wide and flat-free, providing better safety and traction.

The Bottom Line

The attractive style and excellent durability of the Pride Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel is an appealing combination for many users. Users can drive the scooter using only one handed, as the delta tiller is simpler to grip than a straight-handled tiller. With a powerful LED headlamp, you can see and be seen safely when you’re using the scooter in the evening or at night. Finally, an on and off-board charger allows you to either carry your batteries inside and charge them separately or charge the entire scooter suing the charging socket on the tiller.

The Pride Go Go Sport arrives disassembled in one box. Once you’ve removed the five scooter pieces from the box, simply click them together by following the instructions in the manual. No tools required.

Shop online or give us a call at 1-844-664-7467 to learn more about the Go Go Sport Scooter from Pride Mobility.

*PRIDE MOBILITY FDA Class ll Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments.

Scootaround Certified

The Pride Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel Scooter is Scootaround Rental Certified. This means it is a staple of Scootaround’s worldwide mobility equipment fleet and has been reliably tested by thousands of customers every year.

Special Offer: All Scootaround Certified products come with a 30-day no hassle return policy and no restocking fees*.

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  • Limited Lifetime: Frame
  • 2 Years Limited: Drivetrain & Electronics
  • 1 Year: Labor
  • 6 Months: Batteries

California Residents: P65 Warning

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Type:*FDA Class ll Medical Device
Weight Capacity:325 lbs
Top Speed:up to 4.7 mph
Drive Range:up to 14.5 miles
Overall Width:21.25"
Overall Length:42"
Product Weight:122.5 lbs
Battery Charger:Off-board, 3.5 amp
Battery Requirements:(2)18AH
Battery Weight:14 lbs. each (18 AH battery pack weighs 29.5 lbs.)
Front Tires:3" x 8" Solid
Ground Clearance:1.5" at motor, 0.75" at anti-tip, 1.25" at rear frame lock
Overall Width Of Base:21.25"
Rear Tires:3" x 9" Solid
Seat Type:Compact, Foldable (17"x17")
Seat-To-Deck Height Range:17"-18"
Seat-To-Ground Height Range:20.5"-22"
Turning Radius:36"
Warranty:Lifetime limited on frame; 2 year limited drivetrain and electronics; 1 year labor; 6 month batteries
Weight Of Heaviest Piece:35 lbs (front section)

Customer Questions & Answers

Thomas Cottone on 3/19/2023 10:31:55 AM
Question :
Can this scooter be checked with the airlines
Answer :
Yes, all of the equipment we carry meets FAA requirements, however we always suggest you check with your airline on check in procedures.
Robert Pearl on 7/14/2021 2:21:54 PM
Question :
How long does it take for shipping to Pennsylvania once payment is complete?
Answer :
Currently, our shipping times are higher than normal due to manufacturer's stock and items on back order or delayed leaving the warehouse. We expect 15 - 45 business day delays before leaving the warehouse. We do send tracking once shipped so you can follow once it's fulfilled.
Admin Scoot on 6/18/2020 9:32:38 PM
Question :
What is the range of the gogo sport scooter. Are the 3 and 4 wheeler the same range. I will be using mine to sell furniture in an 80k sq ft bldg.
Answer :
Yes, they should give you similar range.

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Perfect Travelling Scoter
I originally put this review on the Elite Traveler (Oops!) which is almost the same except a bit lighter duty and cheaper.  Except for weight capacity and a bit larger batteries, they are the same.
I have MS so may legs don't work well anymore.  I rented one of these on an Alaska Cruise and man, am I glad I did!  Whole unit is just under 22" wide so it will fit through cabin doors, which are only 22"wide.  The three wheel design makes it very nimble to get around, much more than a four wheeled model which you'd have to hit doors and aisles straight on to pass though.  I loved it so much and didn't realize that I needed it so bad (had been using a wheeled walker and toughing it out)  and now, I take it on every trip.  I bought a hitch mounted drive on platform to transport it, but when the weather is bad, it is easily disassembled and stored in pieces in back of my SUV.  Disassembly/reassembly time is under 5 minutes without rushing - pull off the battery pack, pull out the seat, pull the deck apart (drive unit and tiller unit),  lower the tiller, and put pieces into the vehicle.  
I'm not a small guy and this thing has plenty of power to run me up hills with ease, using standard batteries.  The ONLY time I had an issue was low tide leaving the ship I needed someone to help push a little (not much) to go up the loading ramp.  Normal and high tide, no problem, but at low tide the ramp was just too steep and long.  I have no problem with my driveway putting out trash cans or getting mail.  It's a little steep but not very long so the scooter can handle it.
Range wise, I've gone seven miles on one charge several times.  That's plenty for shopping and dining ashore and touring a bit for an entire day.  My wife gives out before my scooter does!
Overall, highly recommend this model.  price, range, capacity, and manuverability can't be beat.  
Thoughts: 1) Do practice a bit first as "high speed" turns, especially on an incline, can get a bit scary.  I've not tipped over but it feels like it wants to. 2) When you lower the tiller (very large hand wheel) and tighten it, be SURE and get the tiller nut VERY tight or it will vibrate out on the highway and you'll have to get another one.  I wish it had some sort of safety strap for the tiller tightening unit and bolt to avoid that.  Speaking of the tiller nut, was pleasantly surprised that a new tiller hand wheel was covered under warranty.  Didn't expect that at all!
KENNETH | 3/17/2020 2:27 PM
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