Mobility Scooter Security: How To Keep Your Mobility Scooters Safe and Secure

mobility scooter can provide increased independence and mobility for individuals who have a disability or trouble walking. When you invest in a mobility scooter, you want to ensure that you can protect your device from theft and keep it in the best working order possible so we’ve put together some easy tips to help!

Don’t leave the key!

The number one rule of scooter security is never leave the key in your device when unattended! Always make sure to double and triple check that you have your key with you when leaving the device unattended even for a very brief period.

Add an alarm to your mobility device

This can be an inexpensive easy add-on for your device. As with a typical alarm, adding a scooter alarm will emit a noise if it detects any motion, such as someone sitting on it or attempting tom move it once the alarm is set, with the intent of deterring someone from taking your device. These typically have several volume setting options to choose from.

Invest in a wheel clamp

A wheel clamp is another affordable way to help keep your device secure. Tested to withstand most tools typically utilized by thieves, the wheel clamp locks around one wheel making it impossible to drive off while it is in place. This could be a difficult product to use if you have trouble reaching the ground to fit the clamp. If looking at buying a wheel clamp make sure you have the correct measurements to ensure the proper fit for your device.

Mobility Scooter Safe

Track your mobility scooter

A tracking device for your scooter can provide an extra sense of security and control should your device be taken. Working via GPS, a tracker can track your device and send you a text alerting you to its whereabouts making it easier to locate a stolen device. Most bike GPS trackers can be used for an electric scooter.

Store your scooter in a safe place

When you’re back at home after a busy day adventuring around, where are you storing your device? The best place to store your mobility scooter when at home is inside, preferably somewhere that you can charge your battery as well. If you aren’t able to keep your device inside, make sure you have a locked storage space for it.

Don’t forget about insurance

Our last recommendation is to look at getting an insurance policy to cover you and your scooter should it be stolen. Speak with a local insurance agent to figure out which type of policy is right for you and your device.

We hope these tips help you keep your mobility scooter safe and secure wherever your adventures take you.

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