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Picture of WHILL Model C2 Power Chair

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WHILL Model C2 Power Chair

WHILL Model C2 Power Chair



Test Drive Available
Picture of WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair


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WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair

WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair



Picture of Golden LiteRider Envy

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Golden LiteRider Envy

Golden LiteRider Envy



Picture of Pride Go Chair

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Pride Go Chair

Pride Go Chair



Picture of Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair


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Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair

Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair with carbon fiber technology



Miracle Mobility 4N1 3/4 view


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Miracle Mobility 4N1 Electric Walker Wheelchair

The Miracle Mobility 4N1 is a ground-breaking wheelchair that combines four essential characteristics into one small, portable design. It's a manual walker, a power wheelchair, a power-assisted transport chair, and a lightweight transport chair! With the 4N1, you can either use the joystick to drive independently or have a loved one or caregiver push the rider.



Picture of Golden Technologies Cricket

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Golden Technologies Cricket

The brand-new Golden Technologies Cricket Power Chair is exceptionally portable, durable, and maneuverable. The Cricket's 100% carbon fiber frame is incredibly light and easily foldable making it ideal for travel.



Picture of Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Open Box)

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Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Open Box)



Picture of Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair


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Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair

The Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 is a lightweight, folding electric/manual wheelchair that is ideal for many users. The Platinum 8000 can travel up to 3.75 miles per hour and support a maximum weight of 396 pounds. It has electromagnetic brakes and five different speed settings to accommodate the needs of the rider. The Platinum 8000's durability and stability are improved with front and rear shocks.


Journey Zoomer Folding Power Chair

The Journey Zoomer Chair is an exceptionally lightweight power wheelchair that is designed for travel. The wheelchair weighs only 46.5 pounds with the batteries removed and can be either folded or disassembled with ease.



Journey Air Elite Folding Power Chair

Say hello to the world’s lightest power chair. The Journey Air Elite Wheelchair folds down to a height of less than 12 inches when you pull on the seat handle, allowing you to easily transport it in the back of a car, truck, or van.



Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs for Sale

Lightweight electric wheelchairs operate the same way as standard electric wheelchairs but are specifically designed to be smaller and more portable. They run on rechargeable batteries and are driven using a joystick or mouse controller. This makes them a great choice for people who lack the strength, mobility, or energy to propel a manual wheelchair themselves.

Also known as lightweight power wheelchairs, these devices typically either disassemble or fold for easier transportation and can weigh as little as 50 pounds. This makes them ideal for users who frequently travel by car, plane, or train. They usually sport sleek, minimalist designs and can be purchased with a wide array of optional accessories.

Because of their compact size, lightweight electric wheelchairs are some of the most nimble and maneuverable mobility devices on the market. Their narrow wheelbase and tight turn radius makes them a great option for indoor use.

Users control a lightweight motorized wheelchair by tilting the joystick in the direction they want to go. When you need to stop, just let go of the joystick or mouse controller and the device automatically brakes.

Scootaround sells a number of high-quality lightweight electric wheelchairs. Call our Sales Specialists at 1-844-664-7467 or email [email protected] – our team can answer any questions you have!

Check Out This Lightweight Electric Wheelchair in Action!

Need help finding the perfect lightweight power wheelchair?

We're using our 25 years of experience to help seniors and other people with limited mobility find the best lightweight electric wheelchair for their needs. Check out our Equipment Finder!

Lightweight electric wheelchairs vary in terms of their design and features, with some models disassembling into multiple pieces and others folding up for easier transportation. In fact, sometimes the only thing these devices have in common is that they are lightweight! Be sure to research all your lightweight power wheelchair options before making a purchase – and remember, the team at Scootaround is always here to provide expert support and advice as needed.

Below is a list of important features to consider before choosing a wheelchair:

  • Portability:  lightweight electric wheelchairs are much easier to transport than standard or heavy-duty chairs thanks to their compact size. They typically either fold up or disassemble into separate pieces, making them great for travel or weekend outings. All of our models also come with airline approved batteries. Think about how you will be using your lightweight powerchair and what level of portability you require.

  • Maneuverability:  in general, lightweight powered wheelchairs have smaller turning radiuses than standard powerchairs. This allows you to navigate tight spaces and narrow doorways, which can be a necessity if you live in a cramped apartment or older home.

  • Size:  as you’d imagine, lightweight electric wheelchairs tend to be significantly smaller than other power wheelchairs. Pay special attention to the width of the device, as it will need to fit through the doorways in your home and workplace. Be sure to check the product specs prior to purchasing.

  • Weight Capacity:  lightweight motorized wheelchairs typically have a weight capacity between 225 and 300 pounds. Consider how much weight your powerchair will need to handle.

  • Comfort:  seat depth and seat width will affect the comfort of the chair. Be sure to also look at the material the seat is constructed from and if it comes with a cushion. An adjustable headrest, armrests, and leg rests will help make your chair more comfortable, as will accessories like storage bags or a cup holder.

  • Technology:  some lightweight electric power chairs come with Bluetooth remote control and can lock/unlock via an app. Consider if this added functionality is important to you.

Scootaround sells lightweight electric power wheelchair models from manufacturers like WHILL, Pride Mobility, and Golden Technologies! Check out our full list online or call 1-844-664-7467 to learn more.

  1. Does Medicare cover the cost of a lightweight motorized wheelchair?

    Yes. Medicare offers coverage for lightweight electric wheelchairs as long as you meet the necessary requirements.

  2. Where can I buy a lightweight electric wheelchair?

    You can purchase a lightweight power chair online through the Scootaround store or over the phone by calling 1-844-664-7467.

  3. How much does a lightweight electric wheelchair cost?

    Generally speaking, electric wheelchairs are more expensive than other mobility devices like manual chairs and mobility scooters. This is also true for lightweight motorized wheelchairs. The average cost of a lightweight electric wheelchair from Scootaround is roughly $2500, but costs can range from $1600 to $5000 depending on the make and model.