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Picture of Drive Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker  with Basket

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Drive Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket

Drive Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket



Knee Walkers for Sale

Knee walkers are an alternative to crutches that are ideal for people who are experiencing pain or discomfort in one of their lower legs. These devices have four sturdy wheels and can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. To use a knee walker, the individual places their shin on the padded seat and then uses their other leg to propel themselves manually.

Common reasons for using a knee walker include foot or ankle surgery, sprains, breaks, and ulcers. For most users, knee walkers will be both faster and more comfortable than relying on crutches or a cane. Also known as “knee walker scooters” or “rolling knee walkers”, these devices usually have a steerable handle that is similar to a bicycle or manual scooter, as well as a secure hand braking system.

Scootaround has knee walker models for sale from popular manufacturers such as Drive Medical. If you’re looking to purchase a new knee walker, give us a call at 1-844-664-7467 or email [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you!

Need help finding the perfect knee walker?

We're using our 25 years of experience to help seniors and other people with limited mobility find the best knee walker for their needs. Check out our Equipment Finder!

Scootaround carries popular knee walker models from well-known manufacturers such as Drive Medical.

  1. Should I use a knee walker after knee surgery?

    You need to be able to bend your knee and put weight on it in order to use a knee walker. This makes it a less than ideal option for people recovering from knee surgery. In most cases, crutches or a wheelchair will be a better mobility solution.

  2. How much does a knee walker cost?

    The price of a knee walker scooter depends on the make and manufacturer, with most devices costing somewhere between $200 and $350. That being said, bariatric or custom models can cost up to $600 or more.

  3. Will Medicare pay for a knee walker after surgery?

    No, knee walkers are not currently classified as “medically necessary” and therefore are not covered by Medicare Part B. However, certain Medicare Advantage plans have allowances that may provide partial coverage for items like rolling knee walkers. Review the details of your plan to determine if you are covered.