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Picture of WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair


Free Shipping

WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair

WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair



Picture of WHILL Model C2 Power Chair

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WHILL Model C2 Power Chair

WHILL Model C2 Power Chair



Test Drive Available
Picture of Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair


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Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair

Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair with carbon fiber technology



Picture of Golden Technologies Cricket

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Golden Technologies Cricket

The brand-new Golden Technologies Cricket Power Chair is exceptionally portable, durable, and maneuverable. The Cricket's 100% carbon fiber frame is incredibly light and easily foldable making it ideal for travel.



Picture of Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Open Box)

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Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Open Box)



Picture of Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair


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Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair

The Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 is a lightweight, folding electric/manual wheelchair that is ideal for many users. The Platinum 8000 can travel up to 3.75 miles per hour and support a maximum weight of 396 pounds. It has electromagnetic brakes and five different speed settings to accommodate the needs of the rider. The Platinum 8000's durability and stability are improved with front and rear shocks.


Journey Zoomer Folding Power Chair

The Journey Zoomer Chair is an exceptionally lightweight power wheelchair that is designed for travel. The wheelchair weighs only 46.5 pounds with the batteries removed and can be either folded or disassembled with ease.



Journey Air Elite Folding Power Chair

Say hello to the world’s lightest power chair. The Journey Air Elite Wheelchair folds down to a height of less than 12 inches when you pull on the seat handle, allowing you to easily transport it in the back of a car, truck, or van.



Folding Electric Wheelchairs for Sale

Folding electric wheelchairs are an excellent option for people who are looking for a highly maneuverable and portable mobility solution. Also known as a “folding power wheelchair” or “foldable electric wheelchair,” these devices are characterized by their lightweight design and unique ability to fold up to smaller sizes for easy and convenient transportation. They can be lifted into a car or van with little effort, making them an ideal choice for users lead busy lives and love to travel. Unlike manual wheelchairs, which need to be propelled by the user or a companion, motorized wheelchairs have powerful motors that allow them to move with the touch of a joystick.

Electric wheelchairs are traditionally thought of as heavy and cumbersome pieces of machinery. Their large overall size and weight makes them difficult to transport without the use of a van with a ramp. However, recent breakthroughs in design – including the use of lightweight parts and materials – have allowed many manufacturers to develop portable electric wheelchairs that are compact, stable, and able to either disassemble or fold for transport and storage.

Folding electric wheelchairs come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. In general, these power chairs are smaller and narrower than standard models, usually weighing somewhere between 35 and 120 pounds and having an average width of around 25 inches. This allows them to fit through most doorways in older homes and apartments, as well as other narrow tight spaces such as cruise ship hallways and elevators. Despite having a lightweight frame, foldable power wheelchairs can support weight capacities anywhere from 220 to 330 pounds.

Scootaround has a wide range of folding electric wheelchairs for sale, including models from popular manufacturers like Pride Mobility and WHILL. Want to learn more about the options we have available? You can either shop online, call 1-844-664-7467, or email [email protected] and our sales team will be happy to assist you.

Finding the perfect folding powered wheelchair for your specific needs can be a long and complex process. Do you need a chair that folds, or will one that disassembles work just as well? Are you looking for a specific brand, such as Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, EZ Lite, or WHILL? Will the electric wheelchair need to be able to travel over uneven surfaces? Whatever it is you need, our experienced sales team can help you find the ideal power chair for your unique requirements.

Need help finding the perfect electric wheelchair?

We're using our 25 years of experience to help people with limited mobility find their perfect fold up electric wheelchair. Check out our Equipment Finder!

So, what things should you be looking for when shopping for a foldable electric wheelchair for travel? The list below highlights some of the key features to take into consideration before taking the leap and buying a new power chair.

  • Size: folding power wheelchairs are similar in size to a regular wheelchair. On average, they have a width of approximately 22 to 28 inches, with most models folding down to a size of 15 inches or less. Please review the full product specifications prior to purchasing.

  • Weight Capacity: most foldable electric wheelchairs have a maximum weight capacity of around 250 lbs. However, this number can range from 220 to 330 lbs depending on the model.

  • Strength: there are two main materials that most portable power chair frames will be constructed from: aluminum or steel. Chairs with aluminum frames are lighter and easier to transport, while chairs with steel frames are heavier, but more durable. Generally speaking, electric wheelchairs that are constructed from steel also have longer warranties on their frames. It all comes down to what you as a customer value most.

  • Comfort: the majority of motorized wheelchair seats have a foam cushion that is covered in either vinyl or nylon. While most power chair seats are quite supportive, we may recommend that specific users purchase an additional portable wheelchair cushion for added comfort. You should also take a look at the seat depth and seat width before purchasing, as an electric wheelchair that is too narrow or too wide may be uncomfortable. Optional accessories such as a cup holder or lap belt can also provide added convenience for the user.

  • Portability: by the nature of their design, all folding electric wheelchairs are extremely portable. Most models are very light weight, and heavier models will typically disassemble for easy transportation in the back of a car, truck, or van.

  • Chair Weight: a foldable power chair can weigh anywhere between 35 and 120 lbs depending on the model and its features. An average folding chair with an aluminum frame will weigh around 50 lbs. Please review the full product specifications prior to purchasing.

  • Driving Range: most folding electric wheelchairs have a range of 8 to 13 miles per charge. However, some models have a 15-mile range or more per single charge. Please review the full product specifications prior to purchasing.

  • Footplates: footplates and leg rests provide added support and comfort for the user. The footplates on portable power wheelchairs are very sturdy and can typically support the full weight of the user as they get on and off of the mobility device.

  • Armrests: while almost all electric wheelchairs will have some sort of armrests, many newer models come standard with removeable or flip-back armrests for added versatility. This makes it easier for the user to get into and out of the chair as needed.

  • Wheels: a power chair’s wheels will have a huge impact on the overall stability and traction of the wheelchair. The rear wheels are usually constructed from either solid or inflated rubber and provide excellent grip on a variety of surfaces, while the front wheels are often swivel casters for better maneuverability. Some high-tech electric wheelchairs – such as the WHILL Model C2 – use omni-wheel technology to provide better maneuverability and a smooth ride over uneven terrain.

Scootaround sells a complete range of folding electric wheelchair models for adults and seniors. We carry a number of popular devices from manufacturers such as WHILL, Pride Mobility, and more.

  1. Will Medicare pay for a folding electric wheelchair?

    Yes. If you meet the necessary requirements, Medicare can provide partial coverage for a foldable power wheelchair.

  2. What is the best folding electric wheelchair?

    The “best” folding motorized wheelchair will be different for different users. If you’re looking for a reliable, lightweight chair that folds in a few simple steps, the Pride Jazzy Passport may be a good option for you. However, if you need a more dynamic, intelligent, and versatile mobility device, the WHILL Model C2 is likely a better choice. Please keep in mind that this model disassembles rather than folds.

  3. What is the width of a folding power chair?

    Most folding electric wheelchairs have an overall width of 22” to 28”, with seat widths ranging from 16" to 20”. In general, wider power wheelchairs can support higher weight capacities.

  4. How much does the lightest folding electric wheelchair weigh?

    While the average folding power wheelchair weighs approximately 50 lbs, the lightest models on the market can weigh as little as 35 lbs or less. Folding chairs will usually also have a lower battery weight than standard power chair models.

  5. How much does a folding electric wheelchair cost?

    Foldable power chairs can cost anywhere from $1300 to $4000 or more depending on the make and manufacturer, but most models are priced around $2000. The cost of the wheelchair will be higher for users who require accessories such as a wheelchair cushion, lap belt, cup holder, oxygen tank holder, or side bag.

  6. Can powered wheelchairs be folded?

    Yes. It is becoming more common for powered wheelchairs to have a folding feature built into the design. The chair is usually folded by lifting a small lever somewhere on the unit. However, please keep in mind that most standard and heavy-duty electric wheelchairs will not be able to fold. Be sure to pay close attention when selecting the right wheelchair for your needs.

  7. Where can I buy a folding electric wheelchair?

    You can buy a foldable electric wheelchair (along with manual wheelchairs and other mobility products) online at or by calling us toll-free at 1-844-664-7467. We carry models from Pride Mobility, WHILL, and other popular brands.