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Picture of WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair


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WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair

WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair



Picture of WHILL Model C2 Power Chair

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WHILL Model C2 Power Chair

WHILL Model C2 Power Chair



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Picture of Golden LiteRider Envy

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Golden LiteRider Envy

Golden LiteRider Envy



Picture of Pride Go Chair

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Pride Go Chair

Pride Go Chair



Picture of Pride Jazzy Air 2

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Pride Jazzy Air 2

Pride Jazzy Air 2



Picture of Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair


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Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair

Pride Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair with carbon fiber technology



Picture of Pride Jazzy EVO 613

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Pride Jazzy EVO 613

Pride Jazzy EVO 613



Miracle Mobility 4N1 3/4 view


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Miracle Mobility 4N1 Electric Walker Wheelchair

The Miracle Mobility 4N1 is a ground-breaking wheelchair that combines four essential characteristics into one small, portable design. It's a manual walker, a power wheelchair, a power-assisted transport chair, and a lightweight transport chair! With the 4N1, you can either use the joystick to drive independently or have a loved one or caregiver push the rider.



Picture of Golden Compass Sport Powerchair

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Golden Compass Sport Powerchair

The Golden Compass Sport has a fashionable, streamlined design that is made to be maneuverable both indoors and outside. It has strong, solid-color injected plastic shrouds in either red or blue for a sporty new style. It offers a selection of cozy seat sizes in regular widths of 16", 18", and 20", as well as an improved 22" seat. A luxurious high-back Captain's type seat with a headrest is included with all four seat widths for maximum comfort while traveling. The innovative springless articulating chassis of the Compass Sport is improved by the patented Dynamic Load Compensation Technology, which is used by the Dynamic LiNX controller to provide a better riding experience. Driving the Compass Sport is much easier to learn and feels more natural!



Picture of Golden Technologies Cricket

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Golden Technologies Cricket

The brand-new Golden Technologies Cricket Power Chair is exceptionally portable, durable, and maneuverable. The Cricket's 100% carbon fiber frame is incredibly light and easily foldable making it ideal for travel.



Picture of Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Open Box)

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Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair (Open Box)



Picture of Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair


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Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 Folding Electric Wheelchair

The Miracle Mobility Platinum 8000 is a lightweight, folding electric/manual wheelchair that is ideal for many users. The Platinum 8000 can travel up to 3.75 miles per hour and support a maximum weight of 396 pounds. It has electromagnetic brakes and five different speed settings to accommodate the needs of the rider. The Platinum 8000's durability and stability are improved with front and rear shocks.


Electric Wheelchairs for Sale

Electric wheelchairs run on rechargeable batteries, making them a good option for people who can’t propel a manual wheelchair or rollator themselves. Also known as motorized wheelchairs or powerchairs, these devices offer a number of additional benefits over mobility scooters, including a shorter wheelbase, smaller turning radius, and superior head and neck support.

Electric wheelchair models typically fall into one of three categories: transportable chairs, which can be easily folded or disassembled; standard chairs, which are good all-around devices; and heavy-duty chairs, which can support higher weight capacities.

Most electric wheelchairs are controlled using a joystick or knob on the armrest. This makes them the mobility device of choice for many users who have upper body injuries or weakness. They are driven by gently pushing the joystick in the direction you want to go. To stop, simply let go of the joystick and the power wheelchair will brake automatically.

The small wheelbase and tight turning radius of electric wheelchairs makes them a fantastic option for indoor use. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be used outdoors. Some modern power wheelchairs are implementing new technologies such as omni-wheels that allow them to be driven in nearly any environment. Like other mobility devices, motorized wheelchairs can be purchased with several additional accessories that allow you to customize the wheelchair to your specific needs.

Scootaround has many electric wheelchairs for sale, including folding electric wheelchairs, portable electric wheelchairs, and lightweight, standard, and heavy-duty models. Call our Sales Specialists toll-free at 1-844-664-7467 or email [email protected] – our team will be happy to answer any questions you have!

See How a Motorized Wheelchair Can Improve Your Mobility!

Need help finding the perfect power wheelchair?

We're using our 25 years of experience to help seniors and other people with limited mobility find the best electric wheelchair for their needs. Check out our Equipment Finder!

Motorized wheelchairs can vary significantly in terms of design and features, with models typically falling into one of three general categories: lightweight, standard, or heavy duty. Be sure to do some research and review all your options before purchasing. No matter what you're looking for, the team at Scootaround will be able to find the perfect electric wheelchair for your unique requirements.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

As their name suggests, lightweight electric wheelchairs are smaller and more portable than traditional powerchairs. Their compact design allows them to effortlessly navigate apartments, homes, offices, cruise ships, restaurants, shops, and other tight indoor spaces. Most lightweight motorized wheelchairs fold or disassemble for easier transportation, with the heaviest piece typically weighing anywhere from 35 lbs to 45 lbs.

Standard Electric Wheelchair

Standard electric wheelchairs are more robust and durable than their lightweight counterparts while still providing exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces due to their small wheelbase. Standard power wheelchairs are heavier than lightweight models and usually do not fully disassemble, meaning that an SUV, minivan, or other full-sized vehicle is recommended for transportation. These powered wheelchairs can support 300 to 350 lbs depending on the specific model.

Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

Heavy duty power wheelchairs are similar to standard models in terms of overall features and design, with the biggest difference being their increased weight capacity of 500 lbs or more. To support this additional weight, these powerchairs need to be much bigger in size, making them more difficult to transport and store. Heavy duty electric wheelchairs also have larger wheels, motors, and frames, allowing them to easily traverse outdoor surfaces thanks to their superior power and traction.

Below are some of the most important features to consider before purchasing a power wheelchair. Electric wheelchair models can vary greatly in terms of speed, driving range, portability, weight capacity, and more. Ask yourself a few key questions before you start researching. Where will you primarily be using the powerchair? Does it need to support a certain weight capacity? Will you be taking the wheelchair with you when you travel? These questions will help narrow down your choices and make it easier to find the ideal power wheelchair for your needs.

  • Maneuverability:  a tighter turning radius allows you to navigate narrow spaces more easily. This can be especially beneficial if you live in an apartment or older house.

  • Size:  the size of the electric wheelchair will affect its portability and battery life. Review the product specifications prior to purchasing for details. Width is also important, as you’ll need to make sure it can fit through the doorways in your home.

  • Weight Capacity:  power wheelchairs can handle anywhere from 200 to 600 lbs depending on their construction. However, most chairs can support a max weight capacity of around 250 to 300 lbs.

  • Comfort:  seat width, seat depth, and material can all affect the comfort of the chair. Added accessories like seat cushions and foldable armrests can help to make your motorized wheelchair more comfortable.

  • Portability:  a lightweight electric wheelchair that disassembles will be much easier to transport than standard or heavy-duty models. It’s also becoming more common for chairs to fold up rather than fully disassemble.

  • Technology:  some powerchairs incorporate intelligent technology that allows them to be driven remotely, lock and unlock via an app, and provide live diagnostic information.

Scootaround sells all the most popular motorized wheelchair brands, including WHILL, Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, and more! Be sure to review the full list online or call 1-844-664-7467 to learn more about the available models.

  1. Does Medicare cover the cost of a motorized wheelchair?

    Yes, provided you meet the necessary requirements, Medicare can offer coverage for motorized wheelchairs as durable medical equipment (DME).

  2. Where to buy an electric wheelchair?

    You can purchase a power wheelchair online at or by calling us toll-free at 1-844-664-7467.

  3. Where to buy a used electric wheelchair?

    We have used electric wheelchairs for sale at a number of locations across the United States, including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Nashville, Vegas, and Seattle.

  4. How much does an electric wheelchair cost?

    Electric wheelchairs are typically more expensive than other powered mobility devices (including scooters). The average price of a standard electric wheelchair from Scootaround is approximately $3250, but costs can range anywhere from $1500 to more than $6000 depending on the make, model, and construction of the powerchair. In general, heavy duty and high-tech motorized wheelchairs tend to be more expensive than standard or lightweight models.

  5. How much does an electric wheelchair weigh?

    Power wheelchairs can weigh as little as 95 lbs and as much as 350 lbs depending on the model. On average, a standard electric wheelchair will weigh around 200 lbs.

  6. How many hours does it take to charge an electric wheelchair?

    Most electric wheelchairs can fully recharge within 8 to 10 hours. However, this time can vary depending on the age of the battery, size of the battery, and the air temperature in the room. Powerchairs that use lithium-ion batteries will recharge roughly three times faster than ones that use GEL or AGM batteries.

  7. How fast can a motorized wheelchair go?

    Motorized wheelchairs have a top speed of 3.5 to 5.5 mph.