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Picture of Drive Bariatric Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair

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Drive Bariatric Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair

Drive Bariatric Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair



Picture of Drive Bariatric Sentra Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair

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Drive Bariatric Sentra Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Drive Bariatric Sentra Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair



Bariatric Wheelchairs for Sale

The sturdy construction and larger design of bariatric wheelchairs allows them to accommodate users of all sizes. Also known as heavy duty wheelchairs, these devices can often support weight capacities of up to 500 pounds or more, providing a safe and stable mobility solution for you or a loved one.

Most bariatric wheelchairs feature an extra wide frame of up to 30 inches, which makes them significantly more comfortable for larger users. These wheelchairs also tend to perform better outdoors than standard models thanks to their durable, reinforced construction.

Scootaround has a variety of heavy-duty wheelchairs for sale, including models from major manufacturers such as Drive Medical. If you’re interested in learning more about our bariatric wheelchairs, call 1-844-664-7467 or email  [email protected]. We look forward to helping you!

Finding the perfect heavy-duty wheelchair for your needs can be difficult. Where will you primarily be using the wheelchair? Are you looking for a manual bariatric wheelchair, or do you just need a transport chair to be pushed by a loved one? Do you have a preferred manufacturer?

Need help finding the perfect heavy duty wheelchair?

We're using our 25 years of experience to help seniors and other people with limited mobility find the best bariatric wheelchair for their needs. Check out our Equipment Finder!

Scootaround sells bariatric and extra large wheelchairs for adults and seniors. We carry models from popular manufacturers such as Drive Medical.

  1. Will Medicare pay for a heavy duty wheelchair?

    Yes. As long as you meet the necessary requirements, Medicare will provide partial coverage for a bariatric wheelchair.

  2. What is the width of a bariatric wheelchair?

    Most heavy duty wheelchairs have a total width of between 27” and 34”, with seat widths ranging from 20 to 24”.

  3. How much does a bariatric wheelchair weigh?

    The weight of a heavy-duty wheelchair varies substantially by model. For example, bariatric manual wheelchairs weigh between 50 and 70 lbs and are significantly larger than their standard or transportable counterparts. However, bariatric transport wheelchairs – which have small rear wheels and need to be pushed – can weigh as little as 33 lbs or less.

  4. How much does a heavy duty wheelchair cost?

    The price of an extra wide bariatric wheelchair depends on the make and manufacturer, with most chairs costing between $400 and $500. That being said, models can run as low as $300 and as high as $2000 or more for custom chairs.