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WHILL Model C2 Arm Covers

WHILL Model C2 Arm Covers


WHILL Smart Key (Model C2/F)

WHILL Smart Key for the Model C2 and Model F


WHILL Battery Charger (Model C2/F)

WHILL Spare Battery Charger for the Model C2 and Model F


WHILL Li-Ion Battery (Model C2/F)

WHILL Li-Ion Battery for the Model C2 and Model F


WHILL Model C2 Storage Basket

WHILL Model C2 Spare Storage Basket


WHILL Model C2 Seat Cushion

WHILL Model C2 Spare Seat Cushion


WHILL Joystick Grip Controller (Model Ci/C2/F)

WHILL Tall Joystick Grip Controller for the Model Ci, Model C2 and Model F


WHILL Waterproof Cover (Model F)


WHILL Model C2 Cane Holder

WHILL Model C2 Cane Holder


WHILL Model C2 Footplate Adapter

WHILL Model C2 Footplate Adapter



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WHILL Model Ci Li-ion Battery

WHILL Model Ci Li-ion Battery - Spare



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WHILL Model Ci Spare Arm Covers

WHILL Model Ci Spare Arm Covers



Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Accessories

Mobility scooter and wheelchair accessories can help make life easier by improving the functionality, comfort, and convenience of your mobility device. Popular accessories such as wheelchair ramps and threshold ramps allow you to navigate all areas of your home, while products like wheelchair seat cushions, mobility scooter batteries, and storage bags help you stay comfortable and secure during longer excursions outside of the house.

Scootaround has wheelchair accessories, mobility scooter accessories, and more available from leading brands like Diestco, Pride Mobility, and Drive Medical. Give us a call toll-free at 1-844-664-7467 or email [email protected] – our product specialists can help recommend the perfect mobility accessory for your needs!

From wheelchair ramps and seat cushions, to mobility scooter canopies and cupholders, we have everything you need to make your mobility device more comfortable and convenient.

Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair and scooter ramps help you drive your mobility device over small obstacles likes curbs and steps, as well as into higher areas like the back of a truck or SUV. Portable wheelchair ramps generally have a gradual incline that allows them to be used with any type of mobility device, whether that’s a manual wheelchair, mobility scooter, or electric wheelchair.

Scooter and wheelchair ramps are available in varying lengths, widths, inclines, and weight capacities, so be sure to think about how you’ll primarily be using the ramp prior to purchasing.

Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility scooter batteries and electric wheelchair batteries are not “one size fits all,” as the battery for your mobility device is often unique to that specific model or manufacturer. Before purchasing a new battery, make sure it will be compatible with your mobility scooter or power wheelchair.

There are two main reasons you might want to invest in a new scooter or electric wheelchair battery:

1. You need a new battery to replace an older battery that is either draining quickly or has stopped taking a charge completely.

2. You need a spare battery that you can take on longer trips and excursions outside of the house for additional security.

Wheelchair Seat Cushion

Wheelchair seat cushions provide enhanced comfort and improved pressure relief for users who spend extended periods of time sitting in their chair. These cushions are typically constructed from gel, high density foam, or air cells, with each style having its own benefits based on the specific needs of the user. Wheelchair seat cushions also make it more comfortable to traverse rough and difficult terrain, such as bumpy roads or cobblestones.

Wheelchair Bag

A wheelchair bag provides you with a safe and convenient place to store your personal belongings. This is especially useful if you are spending the whole day outside of the house and need to bring a variety of items with you. Wheelchair bags are also a great spot to store items while shopping.

Here are a few key things you’ll want to consider prior to purchasing a wheelchair or mobility scooter accessory.

  • Function: do you need a cupholder for your mobility scooter? Or a gel wheelchair cushion for added comfort? What about a canopy for those hot, sunny days outdoors? Consider the common frustrations you have with your mobility device and then look for products that will help solve those problems.

  • Type of Mobility Device: most accessories are designed for a specific type of mobility device, whether that’s a wheelchair, scooter, or powerchair.
  • Weight Capacity: some mobility accessories, such as wheelchair and scooter ramps, have max weight capacities that you’ll want to review.

Scootaround carries products from popular mobility accessory brands like Diestco, Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, and FreeRider.

  1. Will Medicare pay for a wheelchair ramp?

    No, wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps are not currently classified as a “medical necessity” and therefore cannot be covered by Medicare Part B. That being said, some Medicare Advantage (MA) plans have allowances that can provide partial coverage for home healthcare items like wheelchair ramps. Check the details of your plan to see if you’re covered.

  2. Where to buy mobility scooter and wheelchair accessories?

    Scootaround has a variety of wheelchair, mobility scooter, and powerchair accessories available online at, including portable wheelchair ramps, wheelchair seat cushions, and mobility scooter batteries.  You can also purchase mobility accessories by calling our sales team toll-free at 1-844-664-7467.

  3. How wide are wheelchair ramps?

    A wheelchair ramp will typically be anywhere from 26” to 36” wide, which will accommodate the vast majority of mobility devices. Threshold ramps, on the other hand, are designed to extend across large doorways and openings and can often be up to 60” wide or more.